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                      How Microsoft  Impacted My Life

  • Microsoft have not only impressed by its products but also gave many opportunities for the students to prove their talent in any field like mentoring ,learning different technologies,this made me attract towards Microsoft. And the great inspiration for me to become more focused towards Microsoft is the history of Windows. I like to Experiment with the Operating Systems that Microsoft has set up by itself in Today’s market. I have been through Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8 and also the latest version Windows 8.1. These Operating Systems lead me to experience the new era of technology. Even a student who is studying in 4th grade or 5th grade,who doesn’t have a basic knowledge on operating computer can also use Microsoft paint, from this we can proudly tell that how Microsoft have provided the students with those services that which can easily attract towards Microsoft paint. And being a professional student I should be adopted to Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, these are User-Friendly and easily understandable. These are the great  innovations of Microsoft which help students of various age group.

People who made me Immensely attracted to Microsoft Are.

                                                                                     Satya Nadella
                                                                                                    Bill Gates

Reading about the  people who gave their great contribution to the innovations of Microsoft and handling them very well,made me even more better as a person and A technical Student.


  • I would explore my talent and serve better for Microsoft. As a Microsoft Student Associate I can Interact with various people and conduct various interactive sessions with students of various colleges about Microsoft technologies. I have the capability through which I can meet the motive of Microsoft.
  • My Vision and Microsoft Vision is to bring out talent and communication skills of students. I can also showcase my talent through Microsoft Student Association Program.
  • I would like to thank Microsoft for providing me with such a great opportunity and to all the other students as well who wants to showcase their talent. I Proudly take the initiative to handle all the works and responsibilities that are given to me as  MSA. I have the capability of handling any situation that comes in my way.

                                                                                             MSA K.Sivani